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Average cost to ship a car and all the details of car delivery

Average cost to ship a car and all the details of car delivery with ShipCars

Car delivery to the owner is often associated with a number of risks. For example, damage to a car, the formation of dents or scratches due to accidental mechanical stress is possible. Therefore, customers are justifiably nervous while waiting for the purchased car. However, when contacting the company, all worries are guaranteed to be in vain.

For the transportation of vehicles, the best performers are selected, proven by years of cooperation: 

Benefits of the company’s offer

The presented proposal will allow you to deliver the car in a short time without any damage. Car mover company is capable of delivering any type of car, from standard inexpensive cars to premium models. The main advantages of this proposal should be considered in more detail:

The deadlines are tightly controlled. In normal cases, the delivery time is 14 days. At the same time, the company takes all possible measures to shorten the specified period. Therefore, the delivery time can usually be reduced to 10 – 12 days. However, customers can request express delivery. This option is available for reasonable shipping a car across the country cost. However, it is they who make it possible to get your car in just a few days.

Customers must be informed about the stage at which the delivery of the car is currently located. For notification, sending text SMS messages or letters to an email address is used. The customer himself chooses the most convenient notification option. At the same time, specialists from auto shipping companies monitor the movement of cars along the entire delivery route.

Special measures are taken to ensure the safety of transportation. An open and closed delivery method is used. As a rule, a closed method of transportation is used for expensive cars. However, it is available for all types of machines upon the owner’s request. In closed transportation, the car will be reliably protected from all external influences. For example, exposure to moisture, sun rays. In addition, in this way it is possible to exclude the formation of mechanical damage;

Transportation safety is ensured by strict control of drivers. These vehicles are in perfect technical condition. It is checked before every flight.

Customers are given the opportunity to insure a car during the transportation period. Among the advantages of this service are fair prices without intermediaries. Average cost to ship a car and all the details of car delivery are discussed in advance. Therefore, auto shippers quotes do not change during its delivery, which allows customers to plan their costs very accurately.

Get additional advice by calling the phone number listed on the website. Operators are available 24/7 and are ready to provide comprehensive information support and shipping vehicle costs.