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Making Long-Distance Relocating Faster and Easier

Most people do not like to pack up the house or apartment and get ready for a long-distance relocation. They may be thrilled about the promotion, happy to be going to the opposite coast, or excited to be heading South for warmer weather, but not looking forward to getting everything from point A to point B. There are a few ways to make the experience faster, easier, and much less of a hassle.


Start going through belongings a few months ahead of the move date and sell whatever is not essential. Unless that couch is a family heirloom, sell it. Beds, dining room table and chairs, the lawnmower, clothes you have not worn in years, and even dishes.

Every item sold is one less item to pack. This may take many weekend yard sales so do not wait until the last minute. Keeping only the items with sentimental value, collections built upon for decades, or new electronics family members cannot part with can cut the packing down as much as fifty percent.


Items in great condition that someone else can use can be donated. This is especially beneficial if the family was taking care of an elderly parent, or someone had special issues that required durable medical equipment. Hospital beds, commodes, wheelchairs, and custom braces or supports that are no longer needed will help some other individual or family. Those without insurance coverage cannot afford to purchase these items. Find an appropriate non-profit agency and donate the items.

Consider Flying to the Destination

Once the essentials have been loaded in the moving van, consider flying to the new city or town. The plane tickets and hotel cost for a few days when you land will not cost more than the gas, accommodations, meals, and vehicle maintenance after the trip. Vehicle Shipping is quick, easy, and more affordable than people think. It will also save stress and aggravation. Entertaining children while being stuck in a vehicle for several days is not easy.

Wear and Tear

Arranging for auto transport will prevent excessive wear and tear on the vehicle, prolong the life of the car or truck, and not add mileage. The mileage savings is critical if the vehicle is leased. Choosing car shipping means the car(s) arrive ready to go. Any maintenance recently completed, such as an oil change, tire rotation, or new brake pads will have to be paid for again if the car is driven across country.

Mode of Transportation

There are options when deciding on Car Shipping. The first decision is the mode of vehicle shipping desired. Open transportation is the fastest and the most cost-effective. Cars are secured to an open trailer and travel exposed to the dirt, grime, and elements of the road.

Carriers are fully insured and coverage for the vehicle begins as soon as it is loaded. The second open option is to pay a top load fee to guarantee no vehicles are placed above yours. The vehicle will arrive on a single deck flatbed trailer.

This is the fastest choice because there are many more open-transport trucks available then enclosed ones. Enclosed Car shipping takes longer to book and costs more because the vehicles are not exposed to dirt and elements. This option is ideal for luxury, antique, classic, or collectible cars. More at Car Mover.

Three-Step Process

The process of car hauling is simple to arrange and can be done online. Fill out the form, wait for a quote, and book the transport is all that is entailed in step one. Step two is preparing the car to be picked up. The street must be large enough to accommodate a semi-truck. Once the vehicle is delivered, pay the driver the remainder of the balance and take the keys and the receipt.

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